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     Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, HeadMaster Academy offers a wide range of academic challenges to its students.  Founded in 1927 by Dr. John George and his wife, Dawn, HeadMaster Academy (HMA) was established to offer an unparalleled learning environment, offering activities for educational and social development.
   As a Nationally Accredited School, HMA also requires that all teachers are National Board Certified, meaning that all teachers have a higher level of dedication and enthusiasm for their specialty along with imparting that same dedication and enthusiasm to the students. 

Student Life 5

     The student body consists of students from all fifty states and 17 countries .  HMA offers a comfortable living environment that allows the students to become more independent and establish life long relationships.  Thanks to the wonderful changes in seasons, HMA offers several trips throughout the year to make use of the opportunities that each season has to offer.
     HeadMaster Academy is a great choice for starting or continuing your academic road to excellence.

HeadMaster Academy - "Where Learning Matters."

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